Since its establishment in 2010, Kozaglobal Foreign Trade Limited Company has been mediating the supply of some special consumables, machinery and equipment and technological information used in steel production stages, from different regions of the world to Turkiye.

It provides support in the field of business development in Turkey to manufacturers located abroad, which are competent in terms of content and quality of their products and services, and have proven themselves with their international references.

While carrying out its operations, Kozaglobal focuses on contributing to the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of iron and steel producers, who are the pioneers of economic, technological and social development in Turkey.

It aims to create a continuous benefit in the value chain by meeting the needs, facilitating the works and solving the problems, developing the economic and social relations and cooperation network in accordance with the principles of universal business ethics.

While envisioning to be a better company, it promotes projects that will provide sustainable benefits for the society.

Raw materials and consumables:

Prime quality products with fair prices and
high performance

Sector-specific machinery and equipment:

Effective solutions fostering
economic value

Technical consultancy:

Distinct applications bringing competitive
advantages, new approaches


Turkey is the 7th largest supplier in the global iron and steel market with 40.4 million tons of liquid steel production.

It is one of the 10 most effective countries in steel trade with its exports of 19.9 million tons and imports of 15.4 million tons. (2021 Data)

With the principle of “No Industrialization Without Iron and Steel”, the first foundations were laid by our state and with the incentives provided over time, breakthrough moves of the private sector were realized under the leadership of entrepreneurial businessmen.

Turkish iron and steel producers; whose numbers, production capacities and capabilities are increasing every year with new investments and improvements, are enterprises of strategic importance in the development of our country.

Factories are energized by the endeavors of the labor force working in harsh conditions typical of heavy industry, and are managed by talented engineers and distinguished management staff who have a high environmental awareness and dedication for continuous development.


Tongs, Mecana

BUCK produces under-the-hook carrier systems used for the transport of products such as billets, coils, slabs, and sheets by crane. Another special product of the company is the Mecana system, which detects surface cracks on cast or rolled billets. The company is located in Switzerland.

Hydraulic Scrap Shears, Baling Machines

COPEX produces hydraulic shears and balers that process ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, as well as systems for the disposal of domestic waste and nuclear waste. Copex has more than 900 machines in 5 continents. The company is located in France.

Chemical Energy Systems for Arc Furnaces

LANGE manufactures oxygen/gas burners, oxygen lances, material injection lances, valve regulation systems for supplying chemical energy in arc furnaces. The company is located in Germany.

Graphite Electrodes

SANGRAF International manufactures graphite electrodes mainly for arc furnaces in its manufacturing facilities located in Italy and the People’s Republic of China.

Balance Cranes

SERAM has been producing balance cranes and conveyors for use in ports and industrial facilities for over 40 years. The company is located in France.

Pneumatic Material Conveying, Dosing and Injection Systems

STEIN produces pneumatic conveying, dosing and injection systems for injecting solid materials such as carbon, lime, DRI, chimney dust, ferro alloys. Over 2000 Stein systems operate in almost every country where steel is produced. The company is located in Germany.

Telescopic Rotating Booms, Special Equipment

TML manufactures debricking machines, tap hole drilling machines, slag skimming machines, converter re-line machines, mortar spraying machines, charging machines, telescopic rotating booms and accessories for the steel industry. TML machines are widely used in more than 80 countries. The company is located in Germany.

Wire Feeding Machines

VOCK manufactures wire feeding machines. The company is located in Germany.


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